A new Baker is in Town

A new Baker is in Town & She’s A Woman ūüėČ

20141105_175340-1Lucia Meneses of Massa Madre makes magnificent bread. If you want the best handmade artisan bread money can buy, she’s the woman for the job.

You can purchase through a google form and pay safely on Paypal for a monthly share for $32 (can you say bread CSA!?) and receive bread on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If you only want one loaf, you’re welcome to one! ($8).

Lucia’s base is a Country loaf which is typically made up of 60-70% white bread flour and 30-40% whole wheat flour. She makes variations on this theme by incorporating walnuts, sesame, sunflower, or flax seeds. She makes Whole Wheat variations as well as a delicious Oat Porridge bread using many organic ingredients as she can, incuding nuts and flour for her rye starter. She uses only filtered water and sea salt in all of her breads.

Email Lucia Meneses at masamadre dot csb  at gmail dot com for more information.

The Naked Truth: Put it in Writing

I am not one for New Years Resolutions. I love the idea but find that really they are nothing more than a way to add one more thing that feels¬†unattainable¬†to the “to do” list.¬†Despite my resistance to setting a ton of lofty goals, I¬†do strongly¬†believe in¬†the power of the written word- “If you write it, it will come”. When I am on my A -game and meditating daily,¬†I end each session with 5 minutes of¬†writing¬†notes on my phone. This has become my journal.I enjoy¬†various¬†guided¬†meditations– when I take my headphones off,¬†it is so easy just to flip to the journal section¬†and¬†start writing.

I like this for two reasons;



The NAKED truth, October 2015– You HAVE choices

Choices~ We will face an innumerable number of choices in life; from what color shirt to wear, which job to take, whether to have kids (or not)Рto what attitude we face the world with each day. Some choices are infinitely more impacting than others and often these are the choices that we avoid making consciously, defaulting to life making them for us. How many of us out there truly grasp that we have a choice as to what kind of life we want to lead, where we want to live, who we share our lives withРwhich side of the of bed we get out of each day.


An Evening with Al Gore

On September 27th, 2015 The Naked Bite catered a meal for former Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project. This event was a fundraiser devoted to solving our climate crisis and was entirely plant-based. The evening began with passed hors d’oeuvres and was followed by a three course meal and compelling speech given my Mr. Gore. He spoke about what is happening with climate change and what we can do to help. I was even asked unexpectedly to give my own speech about The Naked Bite and the inspiration for the meal. Being that it is late summer in South Florida, the seasonal produce pickings are slim, but I was committed to sourcing as local as possible. Of course, highlighting the integrity of plants and how easy it is to substitute for meat in some of your weekly meals.

This was such an honor to be selected for such a special evening and to have the opportunity to showcase the type of food that really inspires me. The impact that we are able to have on the planet by making event small adjustments to our diet is incredible. This is a huge reason why I am committed to help changing peoples diets, one NAKED bite at a time!

The Naked Truth: Clearing the Way

Green bodyThese few weeks have been about getting sh#t done, checkin’ off the list and¬†clearing way for the new.¬†We have new and talented staff, the car has been detailed, manuals made, office cleaned, folders created and we are putting plans into action.¬†Clearing the way @theNAKEDbite made me feel like I should do the same for my body.¬†

Questionable eating habits, toxins and compromised digestion (many of us have without knowing it) and stress can contribute greatly to lack of energy, motivation, depression etc.  Though I am healthy over all, you know I have my vices and my treats (chips & guac, margaritas, ice cream :).  I committed to doing a two week food and liver cleanse simultaneously (eeek!). 

I created my own program based on what my body felt it needed:


Spicy Southwestern Kelp Noodles with Avocado & Toasted Seeds

Raise your hand if you love noodles. I DO, I DO!!! Unfortunately they tend to be on the heavy side and often carry the “guilt factor”. ¬†I prefer not to associate guilt with food but you know what I andoaean.

Kelp noodles are as light as light can be. They are made 100% with seaweed and water and have 6 calories per serving…”light” done right, au natural! The only thing is that they¬†need¬†some “umpf” injected into them as they rate 0 on the flavor scale.

I love to use peanut sauce, pesto, tomato sauce–¬†you name it. I have been on a veggie and fruit cleanse the last couple of weeks (and liver cleanse to boot = no fun).¬†Pretty much any kind of dressing will do. This Southwestern Kelp Noodle Salad recipe is one ¬†I created to inspire my tastebuds &¬†carry on.¬†Check it out!


Southwestern Kelp Noodles with Avocado & Pumpkin Seeds (more…)