Class Schedule

Public Cooking Classes in Austin, Texas 

*We are currently not holding public classes in Miami, we do however offer private cooking classes and cooking parties. We hope to be offering our public classes in again Miami shortly!

If you want to sharpen your culinary edge, get a handle on some clean-eating tips or just enjoy an evening with friends (eating some pretty awesome food and sipin’ some vino if you so desire) then our cooking classes are right up your alley.

Our public cooking classes are available in both Austin and Miami and are guaranteed to be a fun, flavorful and unique night out. The classes are mostly demonstration style (think of like a combo between a cooking show and a dinner party) so you can sit back relax and unwind- but you can also volunteer to get your hands dirty if ya like!

Also, check out our Retreats in Austin and Costa Rica!


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“Not only are the recipes fun, easy, and absolutely delicious, but they have completely changed my eating habits. I actually get home and want to cook a healthy meal!” View more testimonials.