A Journey Inward with the Iboga Root – Costa Rica

April 2-9, 2017 or April 12-19, 2017

We all want to feel healthy and whole. This is our inalienable right in this existence. Even with the most vibrant diet and exercise however, if you are not emotionally clean, the body and the spirit suffer under the toxicity of stored pain and stress.

Iboga is a medicinal plant from the jungles of West Africa that has an innate ability to access our higher consciousness. It helps us see our lives and the world with our spirit, rather than our ego. This ability accelerates emotional healing, the clearing of stress and anxiety and deepens our inner peace and understanding of life. Many say that the use of such medicinal plants is compared to 10 years of emotional/cognitive therapy.

Amber Antonelli and her husband Anthony Esposito have worked extensively with such plants in Thailand, Peru and Costa Rica over the last 7 years, and have effectively transformed their lives. The Naked Bite was created in 2012 from such a consciousness, offering food as another medicine for both the body and the planet. Anthony has worked with the Iboga medicine directly for 3 years in Costa Rica, Canada and Africa. The combination of high vibrational foods and the powerful healing of the Iboga Root can help create an unbelievable transformation, if a person is ready.

Iboga Wellness and The Naked Bite are excited to announce a collaboration during the Iboga retreats for April 2nd-9th & April 12th-19th. Amber will be working with Iboga Wellness’s talented chef Leticia to create vibrant and nourishing foods to help support a total healing process.

If this is an experience that seems to call you, a conversation with Anthony will help clarify if Iboga is right for you. Anthony welcomes you to call him directly 305.505.6130 or email him via the form below.