Personal Chef Services

Available in Austin, Texas; Miami & South Florida; Phoenix, Arizona

The Naked Bite offers Personal Chef Services for individuals and families. We have a team of amazing, talented and experienced chefs that are well practiced in the “Naked” recipes and full of their own creativity.

Personal Chef services from The Naked Bite are highly customized based on each client’s needs and desires. What you can count on, however, is that you will be receiving pure food: fresh, healthy, and whole. The Naked Bite can accommodate almost all dietary needs. Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo & Vegetarian/Vegan are our specialties. Here are a few scenarios that our current clients enjoy.

All Services Include: Menu planning, done in advance and previewed by the client for any necessary changes. All shopping, preparation, packaging/serving and clean up is done by the chef, unless otherwise preferred by the client. We are also able to pick up other groceries upon request. Services are billed hourly plus the cost of groceries. We have a 4 hour minimum including 15 minutes for menu planning.

The Possibilities~

  • Juicing/Snacks can include of a few days worth of juices in jars ready to go, and/or snacks such as trail mix, power bars, kale chips, crackers, etc.
  • Breakfast can include smoothie ingredients prepped or fully prepared. Frittatas, quiches, cut up fruits & veggies, granolas, whole grain muffins/pancakes etc.
  • Lunch will typically be 2 components such as a soup and hearty salad or a wrap/sandwich and salad with fruit or healthy snack if desired. Extra portions of dinners can be made for lunches as well.
  • Dinner will include a main dish and 2-3 side dishes.
  • Entertaining if you are throwing a gathering and want a little help in the kitchen the chef can assist with some of the prep. (Catering services are separate and priced on an individual basis.)

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Personal Chef Service

We do it all! Let us do the:

Menu Planning

Grocery Shopping

Prep Work

Serving & Storing

Clean Up

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