Retreats with The Naked Bite

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates

There is nothing quite like the experience of a vacation with the accompaniment of high-vibrational foods, that doesn’t leave you bloated and weighed down and needing a vacation from your vacation!

The Naked Bite is all about improving our life experience through the foods that we eat and the ways that we handle our stressors. We are excited to announce some fantastic and unique ways to hit the reset button in 2017, take a look!

Upcoming Retreats

Plant-Based Culinary Retreat – Austin, Texas

May 18 – 22, 2017

Join us at The Naked Bite, Austin for a plant-based culinary retreat! Relax and reset with cooking classes, yoga and some peaceful healing time outdoors. Take a much needed break to unwind while eating high vibrational foods, learning new cooking techniques, and discussions on food philosophies and how to enliven your daily eating habits.

A Journey Inward with the Iboga Root – Costa Rica

Multiple retreats between July 2nd- Sept 12th, 2017

We all want to feel healthy and whole. Even with the most vibrant diet and exercise however, if you are not emotionally clean, the body and the spirit suffer under the toxicity of stored pain and stress. Iboga is a medicinal plant from the jungles of West Africa that has an innate ability to access our higher consciousness. For two individual retreats in April, Iboga Wellness and The Naked Bite are excited to announce a collaboration to bring you a powerful experience of healing foods and an emotional and spiritual re-set.