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Over the last 5 1/2 years The Naked Bite has grown to include an amazingly talented group of people, we are so grateful! The core values of our company and our approach to vibrant and ethical cuisine is ever present no matter which of our chefs is lovingly crafting the food. Our team uses Naked Bite tried an true recipes to support and enhance their own creativity. We create our team based on a chef’s adept understanding of flavor and a commitment to increase the vibration of our clients, the ingredients and the world as a whole. We promise that whomever is cookin’ you will enjoy the most delicious vegetable-driven cuisine, one NAKED bite at a time!

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Christina McGinn~ Austin

Christina’s passion for clean food stems from many years in both the restaurant management, and health & fitness industry. In 2010 she received her bachelor’s degree in nutritional science and soon after opened her own gym alongside her brother, counseling clients on healthier living. Christina became inspired by showing them that nutrient dense, wholesome food can also be delicious. Although she enjoyed sharing her nutritional knowledge, she found that the opportunities to actually cook for her clients fed her passion even more.

Christina then decided to take that passion from her home in Philadelphia to South Florida where she enrolled in Lincoln Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach. During her schooling she worked for health-conscious catering and prepared meal companies, honing her skills both on the job and in the classroom. She then began cooking in private homes, providing delicious, local, and sustainable cuisine to families desiring a better way of eating. Christina loves is the personal connection and positive impact experienced with each individual client and thrives on seeing the impact that clean food has on people.

Jodi-Lee Wisdom~ Miami Jodi-Lee

Jodi-Lee is a first-generation Jamaican American, who was born in New York to Jamaican parents. She is an alumni of Johnson & Wales University Miami, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree of Science Degree in Culinary Arts in 2011. Shortly after graduating, she went on to work at a selection of South Florida’s finest restaurants and catering companies including Meat Market Miami, Steak 954 at the W hotel and Miami Pure Catering.

Jodi-Lee is now working as a personal chef and has committed herself to redefining and elevating plant-driven global cuisine within the home of the client. She is inspired by her Jamaican background where European, Spanish, African, Asian, and Indian influences have helped couture the island cuisine over the years. She uses some of these exotic, fresh and vibrant flavors to innovatively construct globally inspired dishes that uniquely highlight vegetables, making them the best part of any meal.

“Clean Food is undeniably one of the most powerful possessions we have on this earth. Its power to heal, nourish, and cleanse the human body truly amazes me. I’m passionate about cooking with local, fresh, seasonal plant-based ingredients and sharing the benefits with the clients I cook for. Food is medicine, that is something I’m determined to share with the world.” – Jodi-Lee

Wendy Gutierrez~ Miami

Wendy has had a passion for all things culinary for as long as she can remember; born to a traditional Puerto Rican family, she quickly found her place in the kitchen. As a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts, Wendy has a well-rounded hospitality education. Her love of wine inspired her to study Wine Production and Pairing in Europe.

Wendy’s passion and professionalism have allowed her to work with some of the country’s top Chefs, Miami’s most acclaimed restaurants- and at the homes of several celebrities and top business executives as a Private Chef.  Most recently, Wendy helped open Il Sole restaurant inside the famed Versace Mansion, where she ran the kitchen as Chef de Cuisine. Wendy is grateful to now be working one-on-one with clients and is inspired to bring 5-star conscious cuisine to the comfort of your home.

I am a stickler for clean, ethically sourced food and Wendy and The Naked Bite have been amazing at making this happen for me and my family when I am unable to provide it. While I love to cook, I travel a lot and my schedule often doesn’t allow me time to shop and cook, their personal chef services have lifted my daily food concerns and I am so grateful. I recommend this service to anyone who wants clean, delicious and healthy food. It is convenient, cost-effective and guilt-free.

~Carol L.

I reached out the The Naked Bite to help with the cooking while I was healing from a broken foot. So far we have tried almost all of our food and we have loved every single dish! We couldn’t be happier.  Seriously a dream come true … I’m obsessed with the whole process, and Wendy is awesome too not just her food. I am now healed but I would never let them go, I am healthy and well fed! ~Denise R.

Loren Pulitzer~ Miami

Loren has worked in the food industry for most of her life, starting in a bakery when she was 13. She loved working with food and enjoyed the people—from those who baked the bread to those that ate it. After studying baking and years of working in the pastry industry in NYC and NJ, Loren completed her degree in Hotel Management at UMass Amherst.

In 2002 Loren realized that she wanted to work with organic and natural foods and left her management position to work for Whole Foods Market. It was there that Loren learned about food in an entirely new way, and discovered a number of her own food sensitivities. With this new knowledge she began to learn a new approach of cooking, baking, and enjoying food. The path that Loren has walked has led her to healing herself through food and has made great strides in healing others as well. Through her own business Meals That Heal and partnering with The Naked Bite, Loren is committed making healthy and delicious food accessible for all.

I hired The Naked Bite for their personal chef services while I was undergoing chemo treatment. Amber went out of her way to match me with the perfect chef that specialized in healing through food. I truly believe that my recovery was due in large part by the food Loren was making for me. They made me dishes with things that I had never even heard of or knew were cancer-fighting foods, and it was all delicious! I felt so good after eating. Its been a year since I’m cancer-free and I still think of the Naked Bite as just another part of my treatment. Thank you for being a part of keeping me alive.

~Janelle P.


I was diagnosed with severe food allergies and a very short list of foods to work with. I called The Naked Bite and over the next six months, Loren shopped, prepared and added variety to all my meals utilizing “about 6 ingredients”. I know each meal was prepared with study and love. I worked my way out of my allergic sensitivities with their help. I would suggest that if you are looking for personal chefs or caterers, you’ll not find others who put more consideration, research and love into their meals than the crew at The Naked Bite! Bon appetite! (And I’m not French!). ~John. A

Jessica Gebel~ Miami

Jessica, now living in Miami, is a Chicago-Hawaiian-Canadian-New York transplant with a huge smile and devotion to inspire through healthier and sustainable living. Jessica grew up watching the Food Network, but ironically lived off boxed mac-n-cheese and fast food. It wasn’t until a number of health issues in her early 20’s that led to a drastic lifestyle change. She discovered alternative medicine, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, that impacted the way she looked at eating forever. Food, she learned, was medicinal and healing if we knew exactly how to use it. Her teacher always said, “your kitchen is your pharmacy”.

Through a change in her own diet and health, Jessica became so inspired that she studied Ayurvedic medicine in Montreal at the Institute of Ayurveda and Wellbeing of Montreal. She then went on to the Natural Gourmet Institute of New York City, a top culinary school focused on food for health and the larger progressive food movement. While applying to various scholarships to find the funds, Jessica stumbled upon auditioning for the Food Network show “Cooks vs. Cons”, and as an mature chef she won over two professional chefs. The prize money funded her culinary degree.

Jessica has worked in various restaurants and has provided private chef services in NYC and Miami. She specializes in following Ayurvedic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, gut friendly diets and is known for her authentically sweet, compassion-centered philosophies. She thrives on supporting making people to be happy, healthy, and conscious – especially through food.


The weekly meals planned by Amber and prepared by chef Jessica are a lifesaver. Not only are the meals fresh and nutritious, the recipes are different and help get you out of eating the ‘same old thing’ or getting take out. We couldn’t be more pleased and recommend the service to anyone who wants to eat well but doesn’t have much time or patience to cook!

~Michael N.



Behind the Scenes

rebeccaRebecca Carter~

Rebecca Carter is a web and communications specialist. Her career has been an ongoing journey, starting with a stint in corporate America before she became a full-time blogger and eco-consultant. Rebecca now focuses her energy on web presence, communication, and special projects for small business owners. She has been a vegetarian since she was 18 years old, and more recently has adopted a gluten-free diet. She enjoys being a home cook and testing The Naked Bite recipes. Rebecca has lived in Miami for 10 years and is happy to call it home.