Does this mean that I am officially a blogger? I am not sure if I even know what that means…. When I see these food shows and the byline “food blogger” appears under the name of the person espousing their important view on some foodstuff, I think; “what does that mean?”  Is this like a profession or something? Can you get paid to write about your opinions on food or really anything for that matter without anyone even hiring you? Hummmmmmmmm….
Well the jury is still out on the “paid” portion of this adventure but that believe it or not would be a blessed but inconsequential byproduct of my intention as a fledgling “food blogger”. My intention is to create an outlet to exchange ideas and information about some interesting things that have been going on. Things that have left me feeling as though I need an outlet for the incessant chatter in my mind. My reasons are varied and diverse but all kinda hang out in the same category…to connect with real, pure and unadulterated food, no fake stuff, less factories and as close to the earth as possible. This is where the name comes in. Ok yes so perhaps the “naked” portion took a small inspiration from this culture’s love of sex and attraction to all things related. But to EAT NAKED is to care about what you put in your body, care where it comes from and absolutely LOVE FOOD no questions asked.
This is an incredibly brief opening for my project but I have been in front of this machine all morning, it is hot and the Gulf of Thailand is beckoning me ….I’ll tell you more about how I happen to be in Thailand in a bit…after I go for a swim, drink a fresh coconut and eat some more amazing tropical fruit….stay tuned