So after my twists and turns through the world of catering and private chefdom and a stint in The OC which nearly bled my soul dry (apologies to the folks to who live there but it was just not the place for me), my boyfriend Anthony was able to create some mobility in his career. We jumped at the chance of the freedom I was so desperately after and in November 2009 we escaped to Thailand. We resided quite happily on a small paradise island in the Gulf, taking a break and re-evaluating our lives. We swam, we drank coconuts, ate amazing and inexpensive food, did tons of yoga and pretty much chilled…it was wonderful.

After a year of living a very simple, rather stress less and inexpensive island life with no car payment, where a trip to the doctor costs $6, and the rent on a house with a 5 million dollar view sets ya back $350, somehow we were restless. Naturally we uprooted ourselves and moved to The Andes in Peru. The reason is far too vast to get into but if you have a burning desire to know then shoot me an email and I will be happy to share some stuff with you that I promise could change your life and certainly did ours…but it is not quite relevant to this topic so I will refrain in this forum.

What is however relevant about Peru is that it is an amazingly fertile land with rich soil and fresh fruits and vegetables everywhere (the mangoes are the best I have had in the world…bar none) and the animals that make it to the plate are allowed to enjoy their lives living and roaming as mother nature intended. Here we lived an amazingly wholesome life filled with true food full of the energy and prana from the earth and only the occasional cocktail or glass o vino, which for a margarita devotee and a gal who grew up in the wine country this was pretty incredible…we wanted to stay forever.