When I say “farm” this is a very loose terminology. About 13 years ago my parents bought a house just outside my hometown town of Petaluma, California…former chicken capitol of the world as well as home of the World Wrist Wrestling Championships…we are a swanky bunch. This house was built in 1930, a poured concrete Spanish style abode on 22 acres that is called The Spring Hill Farm. Not sure that it ever was an actual farm but today it is home to an orchard, a large and prolific garden, a flock of clucky chickens, two plump cats who not only get a daily portion of dry and wet food but who also get their fair share of gophers and the like and a fluffy and shockingly white bichon frise named Vinny. Occasionally the wild turkeys cruse through the yard begging to be stewed past the point of being the wildly tough fowl that they are, and the deer . My parents are not hunters so thus far the turkey and the deer are safe but man can they raise a chicken that lays a mean egg.

For a while on of the girls was under achieving, but she caught up.

I have said this before and I will say it again….A Farm Fresh Egg Will Change Your Life…and this my friends is no joke. Way back when I was terrified of calories and would eat just about anything if it meant consuming less of them, I would eat that nasty egg substitute nonsense. When went home to the farm for a visit my mother would balk that I could choose such an inferior foodstuff over such a thing of beauty as a freshly laid egg. Years later and sadly far too much egg crap later…I finally agree and I do so with all of the passion in the world.

Do not have chickens clucking about in your backyard you say? Well either take yourself to the local farmers market or to a health food store and buy yourself some for god sakes! You want not just “cage free” (which BTW usually means that these feathered friends are crammed into a barn on top of one another with one little doorway out into the world), you want “free range” and “humanely raised”, organic as well but let’s face it, chances are that anyone that committed to creating real eggs is not going to pump their flocks full of hormones and antibiotics. Not to mention that if they are eating outdoors then they are eating real grubs and bugs not pesticide laden grains that they should not be forced to eat anyway. I realize that this is a bit of a tangent people but when you taste the difference you too will be willing to plunk down a few extra bucks for such a delight. You can just taste how happy the chicken is who gave up it’s little offspring so that we might have a perfectly poached egg.

The most simple meal perfect for any time of day and especially wonderful for dinner when you are too tired for anything more than 10 minutes in the kitchen.

  • 2 thick pieces of perfectly crusty bread- preferably a whole grain from an artisan bakery such as Della Fatoria
  • Any soft cheese such as Boursin, ricotta, Brie or use your imagination!
  • Fresh organic arugula or mixed greens, olive oil & lemon
  • 2 Farm Fresh eggs- poached or fried in olive oil or butter

Toast the bread, top with the cheese. Toss the arugula in a touch of olive oiland a squeeze of lemon or vinegar and pile on top of bread. Top with the cooked eggs that have deliciously creamy runny center….and EAT! It is really that easy people…and if you are still hungry….do it all over again.