Though I would love to post a recipe everyday complete with inspiring photos and the blow by blow experience, there just isn’t the time. How is this possible I ask myself when I am not even working full time? Well I suppose that part of it is because we have just moved and I do not need to tell you how much is involved in that, especially considering that I did it mostly on my own while Anthony devoted himself to the task of bringing home the bacon (grass fed and nitrate free of course). But the real truth of the matter is that I find this country- and Miami specifically- so gosh darn busy that I can barely keep up.

To be honest it would be safe to say that I am not working at all, or that is getting paid to do what I do all day. If I were to label my current job I would be calling myself a “housewife” with entrepreneurial intentions. I do all of the household duties including cooking just about everything from scratch (which is tough keeping up with someone who eats like Anthony and we don’t even have kids), composting, finishing home decor, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, banking, personal hygiene (have not yet had time for a shower today), outdoor duties, dishes, yoga, blogging and trying to maintain my small jewelry business and promote myself as a private chef here in my new city. I have not even mentioned several things and of course have left out the most important thing outside of cooking…personal time for me.

I am not writing this to complain, nor so that you will feel sorry for me. I write this as an ode to the housewife or husband who somehow along the way became devalued in today’s American society, and in many cases has been traded for a “higher paying” and “more rewarding” position out in the world somewhere. Keeping a home, cooking from scratch and raising children is a job of purity and importance, it is a job of sheer unadulterated dedication to the family and the home. It is a job that I myself have never truly honored and am struggling with honoring it even as I do it (except for the children part which is a whole other ball game). I sit here writing this thinking of how much work I should be doing on marketing my business but really what I would so much rather do is go in to my new kitchen and cook myself silly for the rest of the day, hang my curtains, plant my garden and research building the chicken coop for the chickens I hope to get soon. Perhaps I was born to the wrong century or perhaps I am still just making the transition back from Peru and Thailand where I was able to do these things as the foundation of my day, or perhaps I just need to find a way to actually get paid for what I love to do. That sounds like the answer to me.

This posting is dedicated to the men and women of the world who spend a portion of their day making time to do things that help keep a house and a family together. It does not matter how big or small that family is, even if it is just you…what matters is that we never make life “too busy” for the things that truly matter and that we honor ourselves for creating these priorities. Right now I am going to take a shower and then I am going to spend the rest of the day cooking, you guys might even get a recipe out of it.