This recipe created itself while on a trip to Denver (the same birthplace of the “Salad of Virtue” and might perhaps have been the same meal…I was clearly inspired that day) and trying to pull together a meal without going shopping, something that many of us can relate to. I was perusing around my friend Corinna’s pantry while on the phone getting health insurance (yuck) and trying to get ready for a photo shoot that was starting in 20 minutes…the pressure was on. I found canned chick peas (aka garbanzo beans but chick peas is so much cuter), canned diced tomatoes, coconut milk, an onion and garlic from her husbands Will’s Utopian garden, a shriveled piece of ginger and some dried spices…now 15 minutes to go. I did not have the good sense nor the time to document the experience then but I recreated it last night so that I may share it with you all. Dare I say it’s pretty damn good and really damn easy.

Organic is best and often you can find organic canned goods for only .20-.30 cents more a can, not bad. Tomatoes however fresh or canned are really important when at all possible to get organic. I like to think that like in Thailand all of the coconut milk comes from wild coconut palms that have no need for fertilizers or could be true right?

I crush the coriander seeds with the bottom of the spice jar the bottom of a glass works well also. If you do not have coriander sees then ground is fine, same with the cumin. Cilantro (the fresh version of coriander) is great too but add it at the end when the dish is finished.

I like the meaty slices of garlic as you get a big flavor burst when you bite into it! A rough chop on the ginger is good, it does not need to be super finely chopped but make sure that it is not dry and kinda blue on the inside, it makes it bitter.

Sauteing dried spices really helps to bring out and develop the flavor, be sure however that your spices are not too old.

Ok so you caught me...these are not all chick peas. I thought that I bought two cans but upon my return home one of them had mysteriously turned into kidney know what they say about life and lemons...I do prefer all chick peas however.

In it's most simple form, a whole meal in itself, atop brown rice you have filling deelisciousness that is a complete protein, transportable and freezer friendly!

For the recipe full for Coconut Chickpea Curry please click here.

You can see why we kinda lost track of time. For more amazingness from Corinna Robbins visit birdwannawhistle, you will think that she is as amazing as I do.