Thanksgiving was wonderful…so much to be thankful for! We had a house full of special friends (when I say “houseful” I mean 5 including us but our place is small and it was full of great energy!), no drama or stress and more food than you can imagine…plenty of reasons to be grateful. The food turned out amazing if I do say so myself especially amazing was the Brussels Sprout Salad with Brown Butter Hazelnut Vinaigrette that came to me at the last minute.  I sad to say that I am polishing off the last little bit of stuffing as I sit here and write this. The one Thanksgiving project that I am particularly happy with is my “Gratitude Board”. I decided to decorate one of my dining room walls with a large piece of fabric on which to pin pieces of paper with handwritten expressions of what people who spend any time in my house are grateful for. I started it the week before and I will leave it up, forever most likely as thankfulness is not something that should be reserved for one day only. I am using my gratitude board as a reminder, everyday to be sure to take the time to connect with the things that I feel blessed to have in my life, from my relationship with Anthony, to my wonderful dear friends and family, to my yoga practice, to something as seemingly mundane as my morning cup of coffee. Staying connected to all of the blessing that we are given in this life help me remain centered when the you know what hits the fan. By no means do I always succeed at not sweating the small stuff, far from it actually- Anthony can attest to that, but I am getting better and I can truly say that I am trying. This to me seems to be the the anchor in the stormy seas of life. When the boat is rockin’ or perhaps has already tipped over- remain grateful for it all, even the challenges (because you know they only push you to be better) and the storm will not seem quite so unbearable.So besides everything that I write on my board- and possibly above all, I am thankful that I have begun to cultivate the awareness of gratitude, it had not been palpable all my life but it is now and for sure it is here to stay.

Photo taken by Emma Del Ray and amazing young woman and incredible photographer!

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