I had a phone call today that could possibly change my life, a phone call that could possibly bestow me the opportunity to change the life of others. Early this morning when it was just barely light I read an inquiry posted in an online community newsletter called Just Ask Boo. A local woman had written requesting any advise and information on a service that could help her provide organic, vegetarian, vegan and sugar free meals for her family of four while they fight the third bout of cancer of their 9 year old daughter Bella. I emailed the mother immediately. She called me within an hour. Shannah explained to me their situation and that they were going back and forth from the hospital and she was having trouble keeping up with the cooking of this new diet that she was dedicated to. When I asked her what exactly the doctor had recommended that Bella be eating and avoiding Shannah said that the doctors had never once mentioned anything about her diet; that this was all of her own accord and that she would “do absolutely anything to help make her daughter better, I need to know that I did everything in my power that I could possibly do”. Shannah went on to say that on the Oncology floor at the hospital they serve the cancer patients, (especially the kids) ice cream and sweet treats all the time. Read this article to see why this is so shocking.

Somehow it seems to have slipped the attention of these well educated health professionals that the condition of our bodies is a direct reflection of what we put in them, and I am not talking about cellulite people. Would you put Coca Cola in the engine of your car and expect it to run? Cool Whip perhaps? Why then would you want to put that crap in your body? I know that cars run on gasoline but you get my point. Why when there is something wrong with how our body feels and functions do the western doctors not ask what we have been eating? Why are pharmaceuticals the first answer and solution and not a good long look at the diet? I have a friend who’s daughter has had all sorts of sinus issues, developmental issues, allergies; you name it. She has been sick a lot of her little life and had countless surgeries. NEVER once did any of her expensive doctors suggest that her parents change her diet…her diet that consisted of processed meats, microwavable mac and cheese and candy. How is this possible you might ask? Well because people just do not know any better. I also have a friend whose son had the same sort of sinus issues, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and attention deficit. She took him off dairy and gluten and viola…cured. Well start reading my dears, the internet is a wealth of information and you should know what you are eating and why you are eating it. What exactly is that thing that you cannot pronounce? And why exactly would they say to limit the amount of hot dogs a child eats in a month…because of the fat? No, actually because the nitrates and nitrites cause cancer…but we still use them in our processed meats…ALL the time. A lot of this info is new to me as well, but once you start reading it opens up a whole new perspective. I will stop myself before I ramble and further as I could go on for days…just do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get educated on what you put in your mouth and don’t always take someone’s word for it.

The intention of my story believe it or not was not some tangent about what you are or are not eating. My point was to exemplify this amazing woman Shannah for looking beyond what a well paid and highly educated doctor was telling her and figure it our on her own. I feel truly honored that I may have the opportunity to help make even the slightest bit of difference in this family’s life, and for them to make a difference in mine. The following is a separate post that Shannah wrote for the newsletter today January 11th. Please join me in sending this beautiful and smiling little angel all of the love and light possible for a long and healthy life. Click here to read more about Bella’s incredible fight for life.


Prayers Requested for Bella
My nine-year-old daughter Bella, who many of you know and whose cancer returned for a third time in October, will be having scans tomorrow. Please pray that these scans show NO cancer in her body. Thank you all for your constant support, love and prayers. I am blessed to live in such a wonderful community. Thank you.