Last month I received an email from a woman named Margaret Floyd telling me in a very diplomatic, compassionate and caring way that I had in fact stolen the name of her blog not to mention her business copy write by naming my blog Eat Naked…whoops! When I was researching and brainstorming for a name it was apparent that had been purchased and was up for sale. I was not however about to spend that kind of cash not yet having a clue what, if anything this project would become. I had found Margaret’s web address “Eatnakednow” clearly not realizing that her blog was actually “Eat Naked” and that most likely she chose her address to differ from the blog name for the same reason that I had. I also in my naivete and lack of experience did not even consider checking in on the trademark issue…whoops again. Well lesson learned and thankfully Margaret was very gracious, understanding and beyond kind enough to give me a month to correct my silliness. Well I have done just that and the short legacy of my Eat Naked has been transformed into The Naked Bite. All else is the same only the name has changed and even the old site will point to the new one. Thank you Margaret for your generosity of spirit and for being committed to the pursuit of healing people from the inside out!

Margaret is a nutritional counselor and fellow foodie who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of delicious, healthy and ultimately “naked” food and is on the crusade to bring this awareness to others.  She too espouses that food is best when it is local, seasonal and organic and that eating unrefined and unprocessed is the way to go, food is not the enemy; it’s what we do to contrive it that hurts us…eat butter and bacon she says just eat the right butter and bacon and just don’t do it with reckless abandon for crying out loud!  Please visit her website to see read about her and all that she has to offer, she is truly an inspiration.

The beauty of my mistake is that I have had the opportunity to connect with a woman whom I admire and who is doing something very much in line with I hold in the utmost importance. The more I explore the world of whole foods and healthy eating the more beautiful and inspiring people I meet. I am blessed to be working in a field where I have the fortune to connect with others who are really dedicated to making this world a better place. I am happy to report that there are many of them out there and the army grows larger by the minute!  If you are reading this then chances are that you are one of these people and if you know any other such folks who you think might be interested in this forum I would be so grateful for you to pass this blog on…THANK you!

Here are two great publications out there that have interesting articles and showcase awesome local businesses doing things to implement change. Edible Communities connects consumers with family farmers, chefs and food artisans and is an amazing resource. Natural Awakenings which focuses on a variety of topics including health, sustainability,  food and global news to name a few. Both have incredible websites as well as printed magazines in some demographics. The March issue of Food & Wine I am so proud to say seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of integrating cutting edge and creative cuisine with vegan recipes and superfood ingredients. This evolution of one of the countries most popular magazines is proof of change…one Naked Bite at a time!