This Sunday I returned home from a 10 day course at Living Foods Institute in Atlanta. What an incredible and eye opening experience! This center is about healing people from the inside out and educating about the powerful effects that a raw and living food diet can have on your health. They share how you can cure debilitating diseases, reduce and manage stress, reverse aging, and detoxify your body. It was founded by an amazing visionary Brenda Cobb after healing herself of breast and cervical cancer through this lifestyle of 80% raw living foods and 20% cooked and placing a heavy emphasis on emotional healing. Brenda and her incredible staff have since healed thousands of people with diseases that the medical community deem terminal, incurable and hopeless. The philosophy is so simple yet so profound. Eat organic, uncooked, unprocessed vegan food and address the emotional baggage and watch as your body heals itself! And I am talking major health issues such as cancer, AIDS and diabetes. But where would the medical and pharmaceutical companies make all their money if everybody knew how powerful our bodies actually are….

The American Medical Association and the Pharmaceutical industry have such an incredible stronghold on the American (and many of the western societies) public. So we live in fear in a cure based mind frame rather than from a prevention standpoint like so many other cultures. We live much longer lives than we used to but much of the time it is on the dependance of synthetic tonics that “they” say we cannot live without. This is not a political forum so I will not expand much on my feeling of this topic. My purpose for bringing this up however very much aligns with why I began this blog in the first place. Food is an incredibly intricate part of the overall health of our bodies, physical, mental and emotional. The food we consume can make or break our health. So often we look to an outside source or medicine for the cure to an ailment and neglect to look at the fuel that we are running on. Most doctors get an average of 2.5 hours of nutritional training in their 10++ years of schooling and very seldom ask “so what are you eating?”. The answer is IN THE FOOD people! Perhaps not every answer but more often than not. Oh and check in on your emotional health as well…if you think that your body forgets, think again. There is no soap box here, I am just providing a glimmer of insight that may trigger the interest in a deeper knowing about your bodies ability to heal itself. If you have no idea where to start, the folks at Living Foods Institute can help you. Even if you are fortunate enough to not have any physical challenges this course will offer a deeper sense of health and well being beyond your imagination. And no I do not get any kickbacks for this plug 🙂

I went to this course to expand my knowledge of raw food preparation for my client who is battling cancer. What I took away was not only a wealth of knowledge about raw food preparation but also of health, overall well being but a profound sense of self and how my emotional health deeply effects my physical body. I am by no means a raw foodist…yet, (although these spicy raw burgers are amazing!) but I have drastically changed my eating habits, my emotional relationship with food and I am expanding my awareness of how to heal my body and my spirit. May sound kinda new-agey but I promise you it is the key…no matter who you are

Disclaimer: There are of course plenty of circumstances where allopathic medicine is necessary and I believe strongly in regular chiropractic care. First and foremost however I believe that we need to look to our own inner source before we look outside for the cure.