I have taken a rather long hiatus from posting. Truth of the matter is that although I really enjoy writing…I love cooking WAY more. I have been rather busy with cooking classes as of late and spending quite a bit of time writing recipes (love it!!) and in the down time it is tough to bring myself to spend even more time in front of a monitor…so shoot me!

What I can say is that I have been cooking a TON and it makes me really happy! Food is medicine, both for the body and for the soul and I feel blessed to be able to weave it into the fabric of my life on such an intricate level. That said, is there anyone out there who would like to do my dishes??? The whole saying “leave work at the office” does not apply in my life anymore. But I cannot and will not complain…I make my own schedule, answer to no one, I interact with wonderful people and I eat pretty damn well…so shoot me!

Amongst all of this cooking and work I have managed to get out just a bit (though with a fridge full of food and the love of preparing it, it is tough to justify treating yourself sometimes!). We went to a really fun wine tasting last Friday at Wolf’s Wines in Coral Gables where my beautiful and talented friend Carol Lopez-Bethel was in her element chatting about all things vino related ans helping to stock our wine cabinet (not yet a cellar). We then headed to Eating House where I was foiled yet again to be able to taste their food as it was SO packed and we were SUPER hungry…shame! We did however have an amazing, albeit noisy meal at The Local….highly recommend it folks…not for vegetarians however! These two places are as local and chef-driven as they come and it is nice to see…the word it spreading!

In our Easy & Healthy Food for Kids class last week we did the MOST AMAZING and EASY Roasted Free Range Chicken...no pics sorry but you won’t mind…the bird speaks for itself! Make it, you will not be sorry!