The summer months here in Miami are said to be slow…pretty sure that not much around this electric blend of cultures and lifestyles could ever be called “slow”. However when the temperature and humidity climb many people head for destinations less sweltering making Miami slower. My business on the other hand is anything but slow (except my food of course)! While the cooking classes have calmed down a bit (a welcome reprieve for a short time as they are fabulous but require a lot of energy!) I have been blessed with some wonderful and very interesting new clients.

Truthfully they just seem to be coming out of the woodwork and many of them have specific dietary needs. A new and amazing client has such challenges that I am having to reach to the far corners of my creativity to accommodate the ultra expansive list of foods on the “do not eat” list to keep him interested in eating and not losing too much weight. I am also doing extensive research on food vs. illness and I love the challenge of creating nourishing food for someone who’s enemy seems to be the food.

So much of America is sick or allergic and this reality becomes increasingly more concrete in my daily life. As Hippocrates said-  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. THIS is a mantra that I live by and one that I try to support through my business. Serendipity has brought me to people who need help. I love helping, I love learning and I want to be of service to them. One thing that has certainly come up for me is gratitude for my health and my ability to eat such a wide variety of foods. I am also grateful that my parents for instilled in me (not without strife, struggle and lamenting them for the lack of Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese in our house) a wholesome and conscious attitude toward real food. My hope is to be able to pay it forward!

In salute to our health, here are some recipes from my Raw Revolution “Cooking” class. They are two of my favorites and the best part (besides the healthy and nutrient filled deeliciousness) is that they are EASY!!! The Raw Nori Rolls with Coconut Ginger Dipping Sauce are a quick meal or even an impressive addition to a dinner party and the Vegan Chocolate Mousse is just plain awesome! Happy eating!