Chef Amber Antonelli with her Vitamix

Somehow I ended up on a bit of a cleansing kick this week…could be from a bit too much wine that led to a spoon in a jar of Nutella (and eventually an empty jar). I normally do not eat the stuff…read the ingredients and you will know why, but the wine made me do it I swear! This led to feeling like crap the next day…liquid food was on the menu. I have been wanting to write about my love affair with my VitaMix for quite sometime…but somehow words just do not describe. When asked by one of my students – a man who might not cook much and has a quite dry sense of humor – “So what’s so amazing about this VitaMix anyway?” I was almost at a loss for words.

UPDATE: We now make our own “Nutella” in the Vitamix! Check out Cooking Class Menu “Rev Up Your VitaMix #3”…watch for it on the Cooking Class Schedule in Austin and Miami or book a private class or cooking party with some friends!

Even as I sit here now it is tough to express what an incredible and indispensable friend this piece of kitchen equipment can be. I will list my reasons so as not to confuse myself.

  1. It makes soup (as in it cooks, not just blends!)
  2. It blends amazingly smooth and inventive sauces that you do not have to put on a stove.
  3. You can make nut butters and flours in it (grind oats/rice into a fine powder, for example).
  4. It creates a perfectly creamy smoothie with no weird chunks of fruit of veggies.
  5. You can do thicker purees like dips and hummus and pesto without having to stop and scrape down the sides every two seconds!
  6. It makes amazing blended margaritas with no chunks of ice. (Not that I would know much about this, but I can imagine!)
  7. You can put hot liquid inside and turn it on without getting the contents all over you and the ceiling (happened to me last week using a client’s standard blender…not funny)
  8. You can make all kinds of chunky salsas and cut up veggies.
  9. It makes soup people!

The list goes on, but I will stop myself. You have to be a true devotee to know the scope of what it has to offer.

Check out some of our recipes that use the VitaMix (or any high-powered blender):


I will leave you with this recipe for Pea and Coconut Soup with Ginger…and the nagging feeling that you MUST treat yourself!!! I have also decided to add a VitaMix class to my schedule as we have quite a group of devotees in Miami and Austin!


Spring Pea & Coconut Soup with GingerPea & Coconut Soup with Ginger (makes about 2 servings)

I cup organic frozen peas
1/2 a large organic cucumber, peeled
1/2 can coconut milk (you can use lite if you want)
2 cups veggie broth
1/2 inch x 1/2 inch piece of ginger
1 small garlic clove
small hand full of cilantro
1 small Thai chili or a few slices of a jalapeno
Squeeze of lemon
A dash of honey
About 1 teaspoon liquid amino acids, soy sauce or a pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in your VitaMix and blend! Taste to adjust seasoning. It should be a nice blend of fresh, sweet, spicy, tart and salty.