I have always believed that I could do anything. Not because I am all that amazing, but because I believe that anyone can do anything that they put their mind to. When I say anything, I mean anything. From reversing cancer, to levitating, to setting things afire with a solid stare. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. When harnessed or rather focused (“harnessing” implies that you have total control and control is an illusion in case you didn’t get the memo), the possibilities are limitless. What gets in the way of us attaining all that we desire and crave is the ego telling us “no” or  “I wish I could”.

To be clear, just because I have always known in my core that I could do anything, does not mean that I have lived from this place my whole life. There have been many things that I “shoulda, coulda, woulda” if you know what I mean. I am tired of this. I know better. I am doing something about it dammit. Somehow this new year has jumpstarted something inside me that is ready to rock. I am not really sure what this means…or what it will come to mean, but I do know that I believe this for everyone. Our time is now. We are fresh with possibility, we are more awake than ever and it is only going to get better.

Where is this all coming from you ask? What does this have to do with food? Well as you know things in life intertwine and when one is feeling inspired, it affects all areas of life and those around them. I am feeling particularly inspired right now and I intend to make it work for me. I am excited by life, excited by food and excited to make an impact on the world, however small it may be. Just when you ask for something The Universe seems to bring it to you. Well I didn’t actually “ask” but metaphorically speaking I think that I was looking for a new way to live my truth and passion. The signs are saying that I am in the right place…whew! Long a treacherous road it has been and will continue to be…but I am ready.

To help move things along I have discovered a few incredible inspiring people in the media to whom I have become devoted. I wanted to share them with you because someone very special shared them with me. I will just list them and you can go and see for yourself…you will not be sorry! If you do nothing else please at least watch this video on How To Live Your Purpose with two people who are on the Oprah train…love it!

~ Marie Forleo– awesome inspiring business coach and all around amazing woman.

~ Kris Carr– Author of “Crazy Sexy Cancer” and much much more.

Mastin Kipp– on tour with Oprah, writer for The Huffington Post and creator of Daily Love.

Go forth and conquer. Living your purpose may seem risky but the fulfillment is worth the risk.