Welcome all to our Vegan Month of February! There is not much of a ring to the name but it just seemed fitting to start the year this way (I am 1 month late to the punch I realize). For Vegan Valentines we’ll call it, I will be holding only vegan cooking classes (don’t squirm, there is nothing lacking in flavor and we will not be learning “rabbit food” for goddsakes!), posting vegan recipes and honoring the new book of a friend of mine that deserves center stage. Feeding The Hungry Ghost written by  Ellen Kanner is my book of the moment. This is not just a cookbook, it is about the pursuit of connection through food, something that speaks to me.

Through this book Ellen explores “Life, Faith and What To Eat For Dinner” in a playful, witty and satiating way while sharing some of her life’s favorite vegan recipes. Ellen is the Huffington Post’s Meatless Monday blogger, the syndicated columnist the Edgy Veggie and contributor to publications including Culinate, Bon Appetit and Every Day With Rachael Ray as well as her own blog. This must read book is available at AmazonBarnes & Noble and Indie Bound.   

“Ellen Kanner goes far beyond the physiological function of food in this charming book. Fun, well written and full of information, it is an ode to veganism and a new way of connecting with the seasons”
~Jaques Pepin, author of Essential Pepin

“Beyond being a collection of recipes, this is a book about living. Ellen is like having an elfin, white, Jewish, vegan Oprah whispering in you ear, “It’s going to be more than okay, honey…it’s going to be magical!”
~Norman Van Aken, author My Key West Kitchen: Recipes and Stories

From the book Feeding the Hungry Ghost. Copyright © 2013 by Ellen Kanner. Reprinted with permission from New World Library. www.NewWorldLibrary.com

Check out the latest class schedule for February and indulge in a menu dedicated to Ellen’s goodies and a month of Veganism!