For me 2014 was cathartic, in both good and not-so-good ways. My business grew beyond my expectations while everything else in my life went backwards. I was so busy working and doing that I completely allowed myself to fall by the wayside. Then all of a sudden my personal life came crumbling down around me, as if the Universe was tapping on my shoulder (more like a sledgehammer to the face) and telling me to get my priorities straight. It took me a few months but I have dusted myself off and I am reinventing my life and allowing it to unfold organically, it feels awesome. Here are 6 tips and reminders to myself for 2015 that I thought I would share. I will add one per month so stay tuned!

1.  Everything Happens for a Reason  I realize that this is “cliche” but that’s because it’s true. I may not see it in the moment (but getting better at it) but I without fail, if I pay attention and zoom out to view the bigger picture, I can always find the wisdom in the challenge and see how it connects the dots to the next phase of life and teaches me about the past. When I trust in the process implicitly I feel less pain, less anxiety and more peace even amongst the pieces.

2.  OWN it  Whether I personally “pulled the trigger” to create the problem or it was someone or something around me, I take complete responsibility for my contribution and choices that led me to participate in this uncomfortable situation. I am only a victim of a lack of awareness, self-care and boundaries and the more I live this, the less I suffer. If I own my part- I and only I have the power the make changes. If I blame it on an outside force then I have no power over my own life to making changes moving forward, no thank you.

3.  Take it Easy  The harder I push the harder life pushes back. I am a master at making things happen. I’m a mover and a shaker, a Gemini, and I have been an entrepreneur since I was a kid. This means that I am constantly in motion, constantly brainstorming, planning, scheming, thinking and doing. I get a lot done but the list never dwindles and I never truly rest. Even my “days off” are spent “doing”, can anyone relate? Not only have I worn myself out, I also have not made the space to allow things to happen, to happen naturally with little effort. It’s exhausting and it stops the flow of life. Yes you have to “do” but when you “allow”, more gets done, I am learning this every minute.

4.  Take Time for Myself  It is clear that I am a “doer”, super productive. The one thing that gets left undone is Me. The longer I let self-care take a back seat the faster I will have a meltdown. Yes I do yoga or take time for exercise most days but even this- while enjoyable- feels like a “have to” sometimes. It makes me feel good but it is also something that resides on my To Do List. I’m talking about things like getting back in bed with my coffee and a book even on a work day. Or skipping yoga to go to the beach. I avoid things that feel decadent by myself, I typically wait until someone else is there to be my partner in crime so that I don’t feel guilty about not being productive. I am all about unlearning this pattern in 2015 and feeling great about treating myself, instead of spending all my time focusing on treating others…I can do both!

5.  Eat More PLANTS!  I don’t subscribe to any particular “diet”, I think that each person is unique and needs to make their own choices, not what works for someone else. I do however stand firm that no matter if you are paleo, vegan, veggie, flexitarian, qualitarian or a devout fast food eater, you should be eating more plants. Plants? Yes, eat more fruits and veggies and you will be doing yourself and the planet a HUGE favor…and you will lose weight 🙂

This does not always mean that I take as good of care of myself as I would like. We all have our peaks and valleys of health and fitness and that’a ok, life is meant to be enjoyed, not abstained from…and I for one just love myself a margarita, chips & guac and the occasional ice cream! But I do know when I overdo it and have to cleanse after the holidays. I have been vegan, grain-free, sugar-free and booze-free for a week now and I must say that I feel great, not just physically but more so mentally and emotionally. I am having “Aha” moments all over the place! It’s incredible the power that nutrition has over our psyche, don’t believe me? Go eat hamburgers and fries for a week solid and see how your brain feels and how your mood is. We don’t just eat healthy to stay physically fit, it is for emotional fitness as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am itching for that margarita (might even have one after I finish this post) but I won’t go overboard and I’ll eat a salad at the same time :).

6.  Belief and Perspective is Everything  We get back what we put out. If I treat someone well, I receive kindness in return. When I wake up grumpy and slog through my day wishing I was doing something else, I have a crappy day, never fails. When I wake up with gratitude for life, and believe that I am going to have a good day, I almost always do. If If believe that there is going to be a problem with something, guess what? If I believe in goodness, ease and flow in my life, viola, there it is. We create our own reality. That is why a woman on the other side of the planet living in a dirt shack with her 6 children and no material possessions can be utterly blissful…because she believes that she is wealthy in all the right ways and her perspective comes from the heart, not from the ego. If I perceive life to be hard, it will be. If I perceive life to be beautiful, even when it’s tough, it is. It’s all about how I frame it. I am now saying daily affirmations, not only does it start my day off but it puts the word out there. If you build it they will come as they say!
I Believe that I will meet Oprah one day…________fill in the blank for me would ya?

I wish us all a bright, cheerful, loving, healthy and abundant 2015 filled with nothing but gratitude and of course fantastic food!