a+aThe saying “Love is the answer” conjures up images of a bunch of hippies in a circle singing Kumbaya Is that really a bad thing? I have approached a difficult situation with anger, frustration and blame so many times in my life only to be met with the same energy coming right back to me. When I respond/react with love and compassion, 9 times out of 10, I see the situation diffuse,even dissolve- and relationships and situations evolve into new possibilities I hadn’t even imagined.

I have had one of the most intense experiences in the last six months, one that has changed my life forever. I made the conscious choice not to react to this challenge from anger and resentment but instead to respond with love, empathy and self-care. This was not my immediate reaction but it came quickly and clearly. Through sending love and compassion to myself and others involved I was quickly able to see the wisdom in the chaos, and the immense opportunity to make lasting and positive changes. This approach greatly influenced my own rapid healing and it allowed others involved the dignity of their own growth, on their terms. To see such obvious results makes it easier for me to remember in the moment to take a deep breath, and then respond. I don’t always succeed but I’m getting better!

Life is not perfect, people make mistakes all. the. time. Some are repairable and some are not. But if you can love yourself and send love to others, you will have more peace and more growth, regardless of the outcome…this I can promise you.