I’m sure that we have all been told to “Go with the Flow”. Sometimes when sayings become cliche, they lose their power. But the truth this statement could not be more powerful. When things or life in general are not going “your way” it’s probably because you’re not going the right way.

We can plan, work and push all we want, sometimes it works with ease, with flow. Sometimes however, that could not be further from the truth, and it feels like you are pushing boulders up a mountain. THIS my friends is when it is time to stop- and take inventory of where the flow actually is going. It may not be the direction you planned, or a direction you even want. Most likely is uncomfortable and scary, but chances are that there is more wisdom and opportunity in that flow than anything your ego could have had in mind.

This is a profound lesson that I have learned very deeply over the last year. I now pay very close attention and re-evaluate when things are not going the way that I had in mind. I detach from that vision and try and tune into the signs, to what The Universe might be telling me. Sometimes (let’s face it, always), it has a better idea of what is good for me than I ever could.

Most importantly- when I go with the flow, life just unfolds, with so much less stress and effort. I am able to cultivate more peace and the possibilities are endless. I trust in this flow implicitly, and it has changed my life.


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