Change is inevitable, and can be quite scary. The good news is that more often than not (quite possibly 99.9% of the time) it brings progress, rebirth, wisdom and something ultimately way better than what you had before. The discomfort that change brings give us great power to grow and create, instead of being stuck in the same place. I have experienced so much change in the last year, most of it in my personal life and much of it incredibly difficult. Thankfully even through the changes and challenges, I could see the wisdom and the bigger picture. This helped me trust that all would be alright, and guess what, things now are so much better than ever!


Some changes have been afoot in The NAKED Bite world also. I go back and fourth between embracing and resisting them. The truth of the matter is that I have resisted Miami since the day I got here. Hard to believe I know, given how successful TNB has been over the last 4 years. This resistance to commit here has caused me to walk away from quite a few grand opportunities and a big reason that biz has not expanded in a more conventional way. We have grown considerably. What was once only me is now a team of 7– and counting. I am proud of that but somehow it is still not enough.


These changes that I speak of continue to point only to gathering my courage and flinging myself off the cliff of fear that keeps me from following the breadcrumbs that The Universe continues to lay out. I have been unwilling to embrace what is right in front of me, an affliction that so many of us have, I suspect. This, of course, morphs into feeling like I should have, could have been doing more. As if progress, achievements and 70+ hour weeks are not enough. As if I’m not enough…sound familiar? This is a big one and I am working on not feeling defined by how much I do, but rather who I am.

I still have not made any huge decisions or commitments, but I am quieting the fear and paying attention to the signs, to the breadcrumbs and the doors that are opening. Because as they say, when one door closes another opens. Do not resist the closing door, for behind the opening one is the the key to new growth and a better self.

Danielle LaPorte #truthbomb

Danielle LaPorte #truthbomb

I would love to hear your comments, and how you have resisted or been able to embrace change and how it has effected your life. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated!

It is under great adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and for others.

~ The Dalai Lama