Last month, I received an email from a major brand that came as quite a pleasant surprise but also had me questioning, “What could a quick-service chain restaurant and TNB possibly have in common?” I clicked on the email from Chipotle. It turns out that I knew they were “doing good” but I didn’t realize how good until they sent me a list of high-quality ingredients they use and local growers from whom they source.

It’s inspiring to see such large organizations committed to health and sustainability, so many companies are going this route nowadays, YIPPEEE! Chipotle is certainly leading the pack in the “fast food” and “quick service” communities, turning that old reputation on it’s ear. Chipotle is committed to cultivating a better world by buying locally grown produce from growers who prioritize the long-term health of their land, meat from healthy livestock who have had space to move- and more. They also take this into the workplace with their employee incentive programs and community-based projects.
We’ll continue to bring you information on eateries and makers that are, well… theNAKEDbite approved. You know us, you trust us… and we need an excuse to get out a little more. 😉