Choices~ We will face an innumerable number of choices in life; from what color shirt to wear, which job to take, whether to have kids (or not)– to what attitude we face the world with each day. Some choices are infinitely more impacting than others and often these are the choices that we avoid making consciously, defaulting to life making them for us. How many of us out there truly grasp that we have a choice as to what kind of life we want to lead, where we want to live, who we share our lives with– which side of the of bed we get out of each day.

At each moment we can choose which lens we see the world through. This lens is what empowers us to create the life that we want. It is the difference from being an active participant in life vs. being complacent victim of it.

Shifting perception can sometimes be the most powerful choice of all. That it is really more about our attitude than circumstance. You see people all over the world with virtually nothing who see all of life’s gifts before seeing life’s challenges, choosing the glass half full approach, so to speak.

Beyond choosing our perception, there are things that create obstacles in our lives that often go ignored. So many of us allow ourselves to feel stressed out, dissatisfied and unfulfilled because living with what already is, feels “easier” than upsetting the apple cart.

Sometimes truth and possibility are made murky by our own dirty filters and we end up settling for mediocrity. We choose to stay in unfulfilling jobs that drain our energy, relationships that are not fulfilling, friendships that do not lift us up and lifestyles that don’t make our lives any better. Why? Because we are afraid of change? Afraid of the unknown? Afraid of looking below the surface and looking at ourselves and our lives in a new way? The truth is however that we have the inalienable right to choose. Life is precious and we only have one chance to live it to the fullest. It can only get better if you actively participate.

I have made a lot of “mistakes” in my life, and no doubt there are more to come. So much growth happens among the rubble that I choose to look at these lessons as gifts. I want to live my life conscious that the choices I make each moment, directly contributes to the kind of world I live in…this is my solemn vow.

Join me? What choices can you make today, this week and this year that say, “That’s it. I’m in the driver seat”?