living foods

This Sunday I returned home from a 10 day course at Living Foods Institute in Atlanta. What an incredible and eye opening experience! This center is about healing people from the inside out and educating about the powerful effects that a raw and living food diet can have on your health. They share how you can cure debilitating diseases, reduce and manage stress, reverse aging, and detoxify your body. It was founded by an amazing visionary Brenda Cobb after healing herself of breast and cervical cancer through this lifestyle of 80% raw living foods and 20% cooked and placing a heavy emphasis on emotional healing. Brenda and her incredible staff have since healed thousands of people with diseases that the medical community deem terminal, incurable and hopeless. The philosophy is so simple yet so profound. Eat organic, uncooked, unprocessed vegan food and address the emotional baggage and watch as your body heals itself! And I am talking major health issues such as cancer, AIDS and diabetes. But where would the medical and pharmaceutical companies make all their money if everybody knew how powerful our bodies actually are…. (more…)

taking The Naked Bite

Last month I received an email from a woman named Margaret Floyd telling me in a very diplomatic, compassionate and caring way that I had in fact stolen the name of her blog not to mention her business copy write by naming my blog Eat Naked…whoops! When I was researching and brainstorming for a name it was apparent that had been purchased and was up for sale. I was not however about to spend that kind of cash not yet having a clue what, if anything this project would become. I had found Margaret’s web address “Eatnakednow” clearly not realizing that her blog was actually “Eat Naked” and that most likely she chose her address to differ from the blog name for the same reason that I had. I also in my naivete and lack of experience did not even consider checking in on the trademark issue…whoops again. (more…)

the beautiful Bella

Today was my second day cooking for my new client Bella. The contrast between cooking for a client who could potentially be dissatisfied or demanding if something is not quite right and cooking for a family who is fighting for the life of their precious daughter and appreciates every little thing is staggering. Now I have to say that the pressures of cooking for my clients and their dissatisfaction comes more from my own standards of perfection than from theirs. For the most part I have been blessed with amazing clients to cook for and it is a wonderful way to make a living; doing something that I love that also nourishes others. What I am getting at is that the experience of cooking for Bella and her family is one of pure joy for me, completely unencumbered by perfectionism and my critical mind. (more…)

food for the fight…

I had a phone call today that could possibly change my life, a phone call that could possibly bestow me the opportunity to change the life of others. Early this morning when it was just barely light I read an inquiry posted in an online community newsletter called Just Ask Boo. A local woman had written requesting any advise and information on a service that could help her provide organic, vegetarian, vegan and sugar free meals for her family of four while they fight the third bout of cancer of their 9 year old daughter Bella. I emailed the mother immediately. She called me within an hour. (more…)

a new garden for the new year

AAAAaaahhhhhh so long overdue this post is. The holidays and “real” work got the better of me and I have sadly neglected my cyber outlet. The bright side of this is that I have been cooking a ton and truly enjoying myself. I have had new clients, cooked holiday feasts for work and for pleasure and eaten quite a bit of delicious food…and I cannot seem to stop. One of my favorite new recipes is Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan Bread that is to die for if I do say so myself and still appropriate despite the passing of the pumpkin holidays. There have been days that I did not leave the house even and did nothing but hang out in my kitchen with my new kitty Isabel, listen to classical music and “work”. In fact my house and kitchen have had such a hold on me that sometimes I have trouble leaving…although I have loved it, I am not sure that this is a good thing. After all I am a bit too young to be the agoraphobic cat lady who only leaves to buy provisions. At least I have this portal so that if it becomes too bad I can shout for help! (more…)


Thanksgiving was wonderful…so much to be thankful for! We had a house full of special friends (when I say “houseful” I mean 5 including us but our place is small and it was full of great energy!), no drama or stress and more food than you can imagine…plenty of reasons to be grateful. The food turned out amazing if I do say so myself especially amazing was the Brussels Sprout Salad with Brown Butter Hazelnut Vinaigrette that came to me at the last minute.  (more…)