oh my sweet thailand…and peru

So after my twists and turns through the world of catering and private chefdom and a stint in The OC which nearly bled my soul dry (apologies to the folks to who live there but it was just not the place for me), my boyfriend Anthony was able to create some mobility in his career. We jumped at the chance of the freedom I was so desperately after and in November 2009 we escaped to Thailand. We resided quite happily on a small paradise island in the Gulf, taking a break and re-evaluating our lives. We swam, we drank coconuts, ate amazing and inexpensive food, did tons of yoga and pretty much chilled…it was wonderful. (more…)

from restaurant to not…?

 Refreshed from yoga, a swim and a sunset I am ready to take this on again, and this my friends is dedication as I have written and lost this upcoming segment TWICE as the Universe swept away my first two attempts. Perhaps I better stick with the tangible like eating and cooking you may say but as we all know computers are where it’s at so I am joining in…if it does not do my head in first. (more…)

how I came to be…

The sea and the fruit were calling and I needed a coconut for sustenance to carry on…I dare say mission accomplished and I have successfully consumed almost my body weight in fruit. Fantastically easy to do when it is so wonderful, so fresh and super cheap! (more…)

Taking the Plunge!

Does this mean that I am officially a blogger? I am not sure if I even know what that means…. When I see these food shows and the byline “food blogger” appears under the name of the person espousing their important view on some foodstuff, I think; “what does that mean?”  Is this like a profession or something? Can you get paid to write about your opinions on food or really anything for that matter without anyone even hiring you? Hummmmmmmmm…. (more…)