My 6 Tips for a Happy & Healthy 2015

For me 2014 was cathartic, in both good and not-so-good ways. My business grew beyond my expectations while everything else in my life went backwards. I was so busy working and doing that I completely allowed myself to fall by the wayside. Then all of a sudden my personal life came crumbling down around me, as if the Universe was tapping on my shoulder (more like a sledgehammer to the face) and telling me to get my priorities straight. It took me a few months but I have dusted myself off and I am reinventing my life and allowing it to unfold organically, it feels awesome. Here are 6 tips and reminders to myself for 2015 that I thought I would share. I will add one per month so stay tuned!

1.  Everything Happens for a Reason  I realize that this is “cliche” but that’s because it’s true. I may not see it in the moment (but getting better at it) but I without fail, if I pay attention and zoom out to view the bigger picture, I can always find the wisdom in the challenge and see how it connects the dots to the next phase of life and teaches me about the past. When I trust in the process implicitly I feel less pain, less anxiety and more peace even amongst the pieces.