A Journey Inward with the Iboga Root – Costa Rica

Week Long Retreats: Ongoing

Complete wellness requires attention directed toward all levels of the self. The physical body is just one level of a wholistic health journey as we are so much more than our bodies. The food we choose to consume contributes to our well-being, but even with conscious diet and exercise, if we are not emotionally clean, the body and the spirit will suffer under the toxicity of stored pain and stress. Through the desire to heal both the body and the mind- the partnership of Awaken Your Soul was born.

Awaken Your Soul and The Naked Bite are excited to announce this collaborative effort in converging multiple healing approaches in a relaxed retreat environment. The combination of the medicinal use of the Iboga root and vibrant, nourishing foods are led by Amber and Anthony, are held throughout the year in Costa Rica.

The sacred plant medicine Iboga hails from the jungles of West Africa and possesses an innate ability to access our higher consciousness and heal us on all levels. It allows us to see our lives—and the world—with our spirit, rather than our ego. It accelerates emotional healing, clears stress and anxiety, releases trauma, deepens inner peace, and transforms our understanding of life.

Many equate the use of this medicine to 10 years of emotional/cognitive therapy in one session.

“Health initially starts with your mental and emotional state,” says The Naked Bite Founder Amber Antonelli. “When you clear out the channels of the heart, mind and soul, you can eat what you want and still maintain a very healthy vessel. However, if you can combine them all—mind, body and spirit—this is where true lasting health is created.”

Amber feels strongly that by combining the healing power of food with the healing power of plant medicine, all aspects of our being are cleansed.

“Iboga clears the mind, and opens a person up to the truth of this life and their place in it. The presence of whole foods will create the alignment of the mind and body,” she says. “Life is the greatest gift of all, and it is all-encompassing and includes the physical food we eat, the emotional food we eat, and healthy practices on all levels. Shifting our consciousness is a wholistic approach. You cannot simply focus on healing the body without addressing the mind and vice versa. Life is about the total package”.

The convergence of healing through food and healing through plant medicine mirrors the marriage of what Amber and her husband provide. Over the last seven years, Amber and her husband Anthony Esposito are both Bwiti Initiate and Iboga Providers who have worked extensively with food and plant medicines throughout Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, Canada and Africa. This work has transformed their lives.

Created in Miami in 2011 from such a consciousness, The Naked Bite now offers food as another medicine for both the body and the planet. The combination of high-vibration foods and the powerful healing of the Iboga Root facilitates an unbelievable life transformation, if a person is ready.

Guests experience powerful journeys within, using the Iboga root in combination with vibrant and nourishing meals that help support the total healing process and nurture a physical and emotional reset.

Those who feel called to Iboga may schedule a consultation with Anthony 

He can be contacted directly, at 305. 505. 6130, or emailed via the form below