My Favorite Kitchen Tools

These are the products that I use and covet. Some of them are super cheap and others require a bit of an investment. However, if you want to streamline and simplify your kitchen it is worth the splurge. These tools will last forever and will change your cooking experience, this I can promise you.

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  1. Vitamix (The One I Have): I prefer mine over the new model listed below, easier to do small batches of sauce etc. You will never go back! PS: Don’t save money with the two speed turbo version…this is what you want!

2. Vitamix (The Newest Model): Shorter and quieter and will fit under the counter. BUT I find it difficult to make some of my sauces in small batches because the carafe is wider. Also more expensive than the one listed above.

3. Plastic Bowl Scraper: To move cut veggies off of your cutting board.

4. Japanese Mandolin: Amazing for slicing and cuts your prep time in half!

5. Wider Japanese Mandolin: Adds a bit more width for things like onions and potatoes, rutabaga etc. The narrow one is my fave but once in a while its nice to have the large one.

6. Mandolin Gloves: Keep your fingers!

7. Microplane Zester: The BEST tool for zesting citrus and good for cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, ginger, garlic, etc.

8. Food Processor: EASY way to chop veggies (ie raw broccoli for salads and kale, onions, garlic etc).

9. Stick/Immersion Blender: Handy for many things and you can even make smoothies with it. A more economical option to the Vita Mix, though not nearly as good.

10. The BEST Veggie Peeler: I have had mine for 10+ years and it still beats any other one out there!

11. Julienne Peeler: A good alternative to the mandolin for some things.

12. Reusable Produce/Nut MIlk Bags: Perfect for grocery shopping and also work really well for straining nut milks and as a stand-in for cheese cloth in many applications.

13. Himalayan Pink Salt: The main salt I use for daily cooking (besides flavored finishing salts, of course), FULL of healthy minerals that our body needs! Also check out Evolution Salt.

14. Global Chef’s Knife: Good for all chopping and a good chefs knife is a MUST!

15. Global Utility Knife: Actually called a “carver” but I use for chopping as well- could be your main knife.

16. Victorinox Chefs Knife: Voted the best knife for the money!

17. Ceramic Knives: LOVE my paring knife and the chefs knives are great and keep an edge for a LONG time! They are fragile, though, so be aware if you are not gentle in the kitchen.

18. Knife Sharpener: Easy to use and economical.

19. Large Wooden Cutting Board: One of the MOST important items to make your cooking experience enjoyable.

20. Acacia Cutting Board

21. Set of 12 Small Mason Jars: Great option for little storage.

22. Set of 12 Half Pint Mason Jars: Store sauces…or anything!

23. Eleven Cup Rectangular Bakeware Dish: Cook and store in this 11 cup dish.

24. Pyrex Easy Grab 6-Piece Glass Bakeware: With lids for storage.

25. Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set: Glass containers with snapping lids.

26. Scanpan Professional 12.5-Inch Fry Pan: The Latest In Non-Stick Cookware…amazing AND eco-friendly. Truly my new favorite pan! Made of recycled aluminum and titanium-ceramic coating, life changing! Suitable for all stove tops, excluding induction.

27. Scanpan CTQ Nonstick Skillet: The Latest In Non-Stick Cookware…amazing AND eco-friendly. Truly my new favorite pan! Made of recycled aluminum and titanium-ceramic coating, life changing! Suitable for all stove tops, INCLUDING induction.

28. Scanpan Classic 2 Piece Fry Pan Set: A good deal for two pans that you will use all the time.

29. Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer: Get the 3-blade! Make quick work of fancy vegetable peeling with the spiral vegetable slicer.

30. Mixing Bowls (glass)

31. Metal Mixing Bowls with Lids

32. Silicon Baking Mats

33. Citrus Juicer/Reamer

34. My Favorite Sheet Pans