Personal Chef Services

Available in Austin, Texas; Miami & South Florida; Phoenix, Arizona

Are you eating as well as you could be? Many of us would say ‘no,’ right?—yes, even us over here sometimes. Though we may want to, and even try to, without proper guidance and necessary skills, making changes toward a healthier lifestyle can feel a bit daunting. We get it!

How can we change our eating patterns, yet not feel as if we are missing out on all the good stuff? The Naked Bite’s Personal Chef Services are here to help individuals and families in doing just that. Our team of talented and highly experienced chefs are well-practiced in creating Naked, plant-forward recipes full of creativity and flavor (don’t worry, we cook meat too, we just get you to love your veggies as well).

Our Personal Chef services are highly customized for each client’s unique needs, so you can eat just how you want, with your health in mind. We are committed to providing pure food; fresh, healthy, and full of flavor that you’re actually excited to eat. We cook it all but Gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo, vegetarian and vegan are our specialties.

You can benefit from a Personal Chef if you:

• Have busy professional, school or family lives with limited time to cook
• Are wanting more variety and creativity to your plate
• Are looking to lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle
• Want to minimize expensive dining out and take-out dinners
• Are recovering from illness or surgery and require a new diet founded on a specific healing approach
• Feel uncomfortable in the kitchen, and want to learn how to cook (see our cooking class outline)

Our Services Include:

• Menu planning, customized in advance and previewed by the client to determine if any changes are needed.
• All shopping, preparation, food storage and clean-up is done by our chefs, unless otherwise preferred by the client
• These services are billed at a daily rate, plus the cost of groceries.

The Possibilities:

• Juicing and Snacks – can include fresh green juices and snacks, such as trail mix, power bars, kale chips, crackers, etc
• Breakfast – can include smoothie ingredients (either prepped or fully prepared), chia yogurts, frittatas, cut fruits and vegetables, granola, whole grain muffins, pancakes, etc
•Lunch – specific lunch appropriate meals can be done or for budget-minded folks, simply extra portions of dinner can be eaten for lunch.
•Dinner – includes one main dish and one accompanying side dish (extra items can be added*)
•Entertaining – Hosting a gathering? Our chefs can assist with prep work, serving and clean up for smaller groups
Catering Services – this broader-scale culinary service is priced separately, and cost is based on individual needs


Read all of the scenarios:
What Is it Like to Have a Personal Chef?

If you are interested in more information about our personal chef services, please fill out the form below. In order to give you an appropriate quote will well need to have a phone conversation about your specifics so will will call to chat! You can also call us directly for more information:

Miami: 305. 423. 0389
Austin: 512. 501. 4394

**This service is designed for clients who are looking for a regular weekly service or for coverage while on vacation. For a dinner party or private event please submit an inquiry through our catering page.**