Austin, Texas~ Plant-Based Culinary Retreat May 18th – 22nd

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates.

Join us at The Naked Bite, Austin for our 4 day plant-based culinary retreat! Relax and reset with cooking classes, yoga and some peaceful healing time outdoors. Take a much needed break to unwind while eating high vibrational foods, learning new cooking techniques, and discussions on food philosophies and how to enliven your daily eating habits with simple yet powerful choices. At The Naked Bite our mission is to help make Plants the BEST thing on your plate so you can enjoy more conscious and vibrant eating habits and feel better from the inside out.

Like any movement toward transformation and well-being, the journey to radiant physical health begins within. 

Embodying a diet of whole, high-vibration, plant-based foods gives us the opportunity to connect with food in its natural form. In this way, we take on the energy and intelligence of these vibrant plants, which fuel our physical health and connect us to the intelligence within. 

Once a connection to our own body intelligence is rewired through food, we begin to simply know what foods feel good to our soul—and what foods no longer serve us.

But when longtime, conditioned patterns of eating, unhealthy food choices, and navigation of stress through food leave us not knowing where to begin to make serious changes, guidance is key.

At our Austin-based retreats, guests enjoy a vacation experience that is accentuated with the presence of high-vibration foods—and a connection to them. Retreats feature private cooking classes, lessons and demonstrations in culinary techniques, discussions on food philosophies, and practices to enliven daily eating habits with simple, yet powerful choices.

Our four-day, plant-based culinary experience—which also includes yoga classes and peaceful, healing time in nature—leaves guests refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to implement new tools in their own home kitchens, marking a path to physical wellness that can be utilized for a lifetime. 

By raising the vibration of the foods we eat, we improve and heighten our life experience as a whole. 

At The Naked Bite, our mission is to help make plants the best part of your plate, so you can enjoy more conscious eating habits and feel better—from the inside out.

Nestled on Cook’s Pond, on a quiet street in Northeast Austin, retreats feature guest and main house facilities which provide culinary interaction while affording guests the privacy and integration of their own space. 

Guests can enjoy water views of the pond, which is alive with wildlife. Frequent visits from Henry the Blue Herron, Uma and Pierre the Egrets, Frankie and Jonny the Squirrels, and other furry friends bring even more enjoyment to the experience. 



Roasted Root Veggie Salad with Tahini Dressing

Morning coffee on Cook’s Pond from The Naked Bite Patio

Shaved Veggie Nori Rolls with Spicy Miso Dipping Sauce

Our Austin based culinary retreats include:

• Four nights accommodation (shared bathroom)
• All meals (including two meals on the town in Austin)
• Three plant-based cooking courses (both demonstration-style and hands-on)
• Inspired conversations and guidance about food and wellness
• Two optional yoga classes overlooking the pond
• Offsite walk/bike excursion around Town Lake
• Gentle hike up Mount Bonnell

Retreats are offered at $1,095 per person + three percent processing fee
*Airfare, alcoholic beverages and airport transfers not included

Gallery of The Naked Bite

Gallery of Cook’s Pond Guest House

Please contact us to for information on future dates!