Retreats with The Naked Bite

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates

There is nothing quite like the experience of a vacation with the accompaniment of high-vibrational foods, that doesn’t leave you bloated and weighed down and needing a vacation from your vacation!

The Naked Bite is all about improving our life experience through the foods that we eat and the ways that we handle our stressors. We are excited to announce some fantastic and unique ways to hit the reset button in 2017, take a look!

Upcoming Retreats

A Journey Inward with the Iboga Root – Costa Rica

Multiple retreats: Ongoing

Complete, whole-being health requires attention and honor directed toward all levels of the self. The physical body is just one level of a wholistic health journey. Yet we are so much more than our bodies. 

The food we put into our physical vessel contributes to our well-being, but even with a wholesome diet and exercise, if we are not emotionally clean, the body and the spirit will suffer under the toxicity of stored pain and stress.

Iboga, a sacred root medicine from the jungles of West Africa, possesses an innate ability to access our higher consciousness and heals us beyond the physical realm. It allows us to see our lives—and the world—with our spirit, rather than our ego. It accelerates emotional healing, clears stress and anxiety, releases trauma, deepens inner peace, and transforms our understanding of life. 

Many equate the use of this medicine to 10 years of emotional/cognitive therapy in one session…

Plant-Based Culinary Retreat – Austin, Texas

No current dates scheduled: email us with your interest

Like any movement toward transformation and well-being, the journey to radiant physical health begins within. Embodying a diet of whole, high-vibration, plant-based foods gives us the opportunity to connect with food in its natural form. In this way, we take on the energy and intelligence of these vibrant plants, which fuel our physical health and connect us to the intelligence within. 

Once a connection to our own body intelligence is rewired through food, we begin to simply know what foods feel good to our soul—and what foods no longer serve us.

But when longtime, conditioned patterns of eating, unhealthy food choices, and navigation of stress through food leave us not knowing where to begin to make serious changes, guidance is key.

At our Austin-based retreats, guests enjoy a vacation experience that is accentuated with the presence of high-vibration foods—and a connection to them. Retreats feature private cooking classes, lessons and demonstrations in culinary techniques, discussions on food philosophies, and practices to enliven daily eating habits with simple, yet powerful choices.