Testimonials: The Naked Bite Cooking Classes & Personal Chef Services

I am honored to have these testimonials and reviews written from clients of my group cooking classes, private classes, and personal chef services.

Miami Cooking Class Reviews: 

“The Naked Bite is a little haven of great food and good vibes! It’s a place to come if you want to relax, disconnect, and just treat yourself to fun times and delicious dining! Amber is a culinary genius and knows just about everything food related. I myself have little experience cooking, but plenty of experience eating, and I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal in one of Amber’s cooking classes, or made something I couldn’t recreate on my own. The classes are easy to follow and her recipes are simple to make at home. Anyone looking to learn some new cooking techniques or easy ways to spice up a classic, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. “

~ Adriana Josef

“All I can say is TAKE AMBER’S CLASSES! The atmosphere is great. There’s good people, wine, amazing food, and you get a lot of hands-on experience. Not only are the recipes fun, easy, and absolutely delicious, but they have completely changed my eating habits. I actually get home and want to cook a healthy meal! My mom and I have taken the classes together and we can’t wait to get started on remaking the recipes ourselves! Today I had a revelation: I now have food prepared for the whole week, I’m feeling good about my food choices, my fridge is stocked with tons of yummy food… And then I realize everything in my fridge is from a Naked Bite recipe!! 🙂 Love it. Can’t wait to go to my next class!”

~ Nataly Cano-Lopez

“OMG where to begin – Amber, you have changed our way of eating!!! Everyone I cook for feels blessed that I am taking your classes and incorporating all those fabulous recipes and suggestions into our daily lives. The Vitamix has transformed the way we eat and feel! You are so creative and informative – can’t wait until this week’s class! You have taught me so much about healthy eating – thank you thank you!!!!”

~Nadine Foldes

Amber always uses high quality equipment and ingredients. She is a very creative chef who likes to balance healthy offerings with a decadent tidbits. After each class she follows up with information about the ingredients and the equipment we used. I’ve taken many cooking classes before, but Amber’s are unique because she relies on the freshest farmer’s market produce (focusing on what was in season), combined with a dedication towards using only the most natural healthy ingredients.  It is also small and intimate, making learning a cinch.  I highly recommend this class to beginners and advanced cooks alike. Such a pleasure, and I can’t wait until the next one.”

~Mary Yeomanson

“If you were to tell me a year ago that I would be eating raw meals or incorporating delicious creative healthy veggies into my family’s meals, I would tell you that you were insane.  Well, I am nuts about veggies and raw meals.  Thanks to you and your cooking class, I have been able to change my family’s attitude toward yummy veggies.   I drive very far to get to your class because it is worth the drive and time to be in your amazing class.  Thank you for everything you have taught us.”

~Ludy Lopez

“Amber teaches that healthy cooking does not need to be a sacrifice of flavor. Her recipes are easy to replicate and the cooking tips are practical. Amber is a wonderful resource for everyone who wants to eat better.

~Hillary Scurtis

 “Even as an experienced cook, I’ve learned a lot from Amber. I never went to chef school so I’m completely self taught. As a trained chef, she’s helped me fill in those gaps from a technical aspect and I’ve learned little tricks of the trade that one picks up working in a restaurant. Did I also mention that her classes are a blast? Nothing better than going with a friend, opening a bottle of wine and getting some new recipes!”

~Coco Palenque-Torre

“Amber’s classes aren’t just for budding chefs, but for anyone who wants to enjoy better food. I have not only learned some inventive recipes that are easy to prepare, but also the most incredible skill of being able to ‘Amber-ize’ any new recipes I come across. She has completely transformed the way I look at food – there’s always a healthier AND delicious way to prepare. White flour & sugar is now gone from my kitchen – a once-crazy idea for this sweet tooth obsessed baker. And I learn something new every time. She teaches in a way that’s approachable and fun, always explaining how the ingredients work together. It’s pretty rare to get to have so much fun in one evening and also take so much away for everyday. Go take as many classes as you can, or have her show you what you in your own kitchen can do. I’ve done both and my family and I healthier and happier for it!”

~Serena Berra

Private Cooking Classes in Miami Reviews: 

“The kids and I have truly enjoyed our private cooking classes with Amber and The Naked Bite.  Her expertise and creativity in the kitchen makes the kids comfortable and eager to learn.  Her fun ideas and hands-on approach has encouraged them to taste new foods, which is amazing to watch as a parent.  I also find great comfort is knowing Amber values ingredients with integrity and sources organic and local products whenever possible.”

~Michelle Benesch

Personal Chef Miami Reviews:  

“Amber is an amazing personal chef and I highly recommend her services.   I enjoy working with her because she always has a positive attitude, excellent command of the kitchen and understands my family’s needs.  I appreciate that she respects and supports local, sustainable and organic farming practices.  Her menus are always creative and incorporate the freshest ingredients.”

~Lillian Sagebien

 “It is with a heavy heart that I write this review for Amber Antonelli and the Naked Bite. Not because she lacks cooking talent.  In truth, she’s a culinary genius. And it’s not because she’s difficult to work with. She’s a ray of sunshine. She possesses all of the talent of a Five-Star Chef with none of the attitude. She jumps through hoops to accommodate my family’s diverse and picky palettes. I don’t know how she does it, but she manages to make everyone happy. So, why the heavy heart? I was hoping to keep her a secret; but alas, she’s so wonderful, I had to write an honest review.”

~Kathleen Monahan